New Clients - Pathways

Several Pathways are available to access assessment and gender-affirming hormonal treatment.

Pathway 1 - Your GP can refer you to the Gender Service at RBWHospital via the usual outpatient referral process ( a letter to Metro North Central Referral Hub.) This is a free public service. You will be referred back to your GP or another trans-friendly GP afterwards. 

Pathway 2 - The Brisbane Gender Clinic will see new clients who send in a referral for hormone therapy from a Psychiatrist or Psychologist. A GP summary is also required for health information at the first appointment.

Pathway 3 - The Brisbane Gender Clinic does a capped number of new client assessments per year which are booked after a GP referral alone. Ring to check if books are open before obtaining a referral, as it may be quicker for you to go to RBWH hospital
Another option is to make an appointment with Dr Tracy Schrader at Clinic 30 (Same contact details as the Brisbane Gender Clinic),who will also see new patients.

Pathway 4 Gender-experienced GPs (GP hormone prescribers) will do gender assessment at their private practices. You can book these appointments by phoning the practice. The process will always be more efficient for you if you have a letter from a Mental Health Professional for the GP. A gap will be charged on top of Medicare.



Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital has a Gender Clinic for children under 18. Children of any age can be seen by the experienced specialists at this clinic.

The child should be referred by a GP. Ask the GP to use the LCCH template.

Children should ideally be referred by the onset of puberty. After detailed assessment the clinic can provide puberty blockers, a reversible treatment.

If an older child under 18 is suitable for cross-sex hormone therapy (not a fully reversible treatment) there is no longer a legal requirement for a Family Court process.

Families are urged not to delay seeking referral for assessment. Refer as early as possible. However16 year olds and those who have just turned 17 can also be referred by their GPs

While there is a waiting list, there are active steps you/your child can take in claiming your/their gender identity. Its advised to contact a Counselor for ongoing support and to attend social groups like Jellybeans ( (link is external)).

Parents are advised to reach out and make contact with other parents through PFLAG, Gender Help For Parents and also Parents of Gender Diverse Children

Psychologists with expertise include:

​Centre For Human Potential
Dr Ravi Tewari

Dr Paul Martin

Dr Marilia Libera

​Lvl 8/288 Edward St Brisbane CBD Qld 4000

Ph: 07 3211 1117

Jodie Housman

Silverton Place

Lvl4 101 Wickham Tce Spring Hill Qld 4000

Ph: 0430 305 413


Charlotte O’Donnell

Central Brunswick Medical Centre, Fortitude Valley

ph 07 3852 2733 fax 07 38522132

Tim Klein

Holland Park

Ph 0414 961 757

Dallas Pitt

Headspace, Southport ph 07 55095900 fax 07 55271251

Rainbow Program (RAQ) Wednesday and Thursday 1300364277

Dr Ashley Van Houten

(Clinical Psychologist)

Surfer's Paradise ph 07 55529086

Dr Belinda Birtles

142 Apollo Rd, Bulimba QLD 4171

Ph:0459 270 146

(07) 3105 2880

Dr Anita Boettger

169 Kelvin Grove Road, Kelvin Grove 4059

Phone 07 3353 5430

Dr Jacqueline Hannah

17 Orient Road, Yeronga 4104

Ph: 07 3342 4258

Ms Heidi Jansen (Especially adolescents and young adults)

4/667 Sherwood Rd, Sherwood

Ph: 3278 2963

Ask your GP about Mental Health Plans which allow you to see a psychologist and receive Medicare rebates. If your GP can do an ATAPS referral, this provides fully funded sessions for clients with concession ca